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Full-stack IoT solution

Focus on what's really important - your product and service. Let us worry about the tech.

Hardware modules

Family of IoT friendly, connectivity modules including LoraWAN™/SIGFOX™ technology.

Secure cloud platform

Powerful data platform and tool for device, app and customer management. Connect easily any IP, SIGFOX or LoraWAN hardware.

APIs and SDKs

Create your integrations or end applications quickly with our RESTful or Websockets API or even SDKs for the most famous frontend frameworks.

Hardware modules

Multiprotocol LoraWAN™/SIGFOX™ module for Low Power Wide Area Network is coming soon, others on roadmap.


  • LoraWAN™/SIGFOX™ stack,
  • Cloud-to-GPIO out of the box, without external MCU,
  • AT commands interface, SDK for cloud connectivity,
  • Firmware OTA update,
  • Memory for user application.

Development kits in user-friendly form (as Arduino and RPi shields) will be available soon. Let me know when DevKit is available

Cloud platform

Powerful data platform and tool for device, app and customer management.

Data collection and storage

Connect your device by your protocol of choice (CoAP, MQTT or HTTP). Your data will be securely persisted in our storage system or immediately pushed to real-time applications.

Data analysis and visualization

Visualize your measurements, transform it and calculate even new resources.

Triggers & jobs engine

Create connections between events and predefined jobs, integrate with 3rd party services.

Device management

Manage your fleet of devices, perform Over The Air firmware update and generate status reports.

Customer management

User management for your end applications included. Manage your customers by integrating with your CRM or 3rd partysystem.

A better way to get job done

Keep it simple - reinventing wheel is a waste of time and money. We've already done what you need.

Boost up your project

Speed your development up and decrease time-to-market by utilizing our technology.

Don't worry about IT

Don't bother yourself with deployment and maintanance of network infrastracture, servers, databases etc. We've got you covered.

Grow and scale

Processing of millions messages per second is tricky - don't find yourself in a trap of unexpected grow. With our platform you can scale to infinity!

Must-have platform for every party involved empowers manufacturers and is a great choice for implementation companies, cities and big enterprises with a lot of assets to manage.

Intelligent Transport
Smart Agriculture
Connected Home
Utility metering

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